March-April Words of the Day

 ~ March 2011 ~ 
  1 Inane (adj) – without sense; stupid His inane comments made him seem silly next to his serious sister.  2 Jurisprudence (n) – the study of law Lawyers study jurisprudence in law school.3 Kindred (adj) – related; belonging to the same family or group Wolves and dogs are kindred species. 4 Levity (n) – lack of seriousness;  frivolity Levity at the party grew louder and louder.  5  
6  7 Meticulous (adj) – excessively careful; thorough She is meticulous in spelling every word correctly in her papers.8 Nocturnal (adj) – pertaining to or done at night Her nocturnal walks around the city help to clear her mind after a busy day.9 Oracular (adj) – prophetic; predicting; mysterious The wise man gave an oracular response to his student’s question.10 Pretentious (adj) – acting in a showy manner; pompous  His pretentious show of money annoys his friends.11 Quatrain (n)A four line stanza in poetry. Sonnets are made up of three quatrains and a couplet. 12  
13  14 Quaff (v) – to gulp; drink heartily She quaffs cold water on hot days.15 Rile (v) – to anger; irritate Money problems rile the underpaid worker every day.16 Stymie (v) – to present an obstacle; to block Our company needs to buy new computers, but we are stymied, because we don't know much about them.17 Terse (adj) – concise; brief The speaker made a concise statement of his ideas.18 Utilitarian (adj) – useful; practical That old car is of little utilitarian value.19  
20  21 Vestige (n) – a trace; a small part of something; remains Vestiges of their clothes were found after the fire in the house.22 Wallow (v) – to indulge oneself in a particular state of mind; roll in They were wallowing in self-pity.23 Avarice (n) – greed The avarice of the country's dictator had no end.24 Bode (v) – to indicate in advance; to be an omen of The news bodes evil days for him.25 Catalyst (n) – anything provoking significant change The invention of the telephone was a great catalyst in improving communications.26  
27  28 Dilatory (adj) – slow; tending to delay The company has no patience for employees with dilatory work habits.29 Encumber (v) – to burden; to hinder Too much debt encumbers her business.30 Forte (n) – a strong point or special talent His forte is money management; hers is sales.31 Glean (v) – to gather; collect in small amounts Reporters gleaned information by conducting numerous interviews. Notes:
 ~ April 2011 ~ 
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10  11 Hybrid (adj) – of mixed origin or composition Those hybrid tomatoes are bred for big size and good flavor. 12 Impetuous (adj) – done quickly often without thinking; impulsive She made an impetuous decision in marrying so young.13 Jocular (adj) – humorous; said or done in jest He is a man with a jocular attitude.14 Knoll (n) – a small round hill The farmer stood on a knoll and looked out over his fields.15 Laudable (adj) – deserving of praise Helping an old person cross the street is a laudable act.16  
17  18 Malaise (n) – a feeling of unease; depression or discomfort He suffers from a general malaise with pains and depression.19 Negligible (adj) – small, not important The cost of fixing your shoes will be negligible.20 Opulent (adj) – rich; luxurious; abundant The king of France enjoyed the opulent suite at the prestigious New York hotel.21 Philanthropist (n) – a person who helps or gives to good causes; doer of good The rich woman was a philanthropist who gave money to the museum22 Quintessence (n) – pure essence of or perfect example of something That painting is the quintessence of beauty.23  
24  25 Retrospective (adj) – looking back on the past The former president wrote a retrospective book about his years in office.26 Sequester (v) – to isolate or set apart The judge sequestered himself in his office to think about the law.27 Transient (adj) – temporary; passing His stomach pains were transient, lasting only a day. 28 Urbane (adj) – well mannered and worldly; suave Our host's urbane manner put us at ease. 29 Vehement (adj) – fierce; very angry He made a vehement denial of his guilt.30