Art Class Rules and Procedures


Mrs. Smith Art Class

I don’t care if you are a natural artist, or a person “who can’t draw a straight line” …you will be graded on your earnest and best attempt at drawing, painting, or creating art. If you have finished your work of art in a record fast time…you probably didn’t do your best. I will also be giving writing assignments, worksheets, quizzes and tests. We will study art history (Pre-historic art, the Greeks, the Egyptians, different periods of art), art appreciation (studying different artists, like Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, El Greco, Kahlo), analyzing art, creating short stories about paintings, cultural holidays (Dia de los Muertos, Mardi Gras, Kwanza and others), painting (painting happy little clouds…a la Bob Ross), drawing (trees, cabins, cityscapes), elements and principles of art, prospective, color theory, to name a few.


1.      When the late bell rings, be in your assigned seat, attentive and ready for instructions. Each day I will take roll and explain your assignment and objectives for the class.


2.      Books and belongings must always be out of the way. Store them ­under your table.


3.      No talking or making noise while the teacher is speaking to the entire class. You may talk quietly while working. This privilege will be taken away if talking becomes too loud, disruptive or distraction from work.


4.      Always have a #2 pencil sharpened and ready at the beginning of class. Mechanical pencils are NOT appropriate for most artwork. I have drawing pencils.


5.      Stay on task, and do not wander around the room. Stay seated in your seat unless you are getting supplies or cleaning up.


6.      Label all work on the back, upper right corner in pencil or pen ONLY. No name will result in NO GRADE.


7.      Do not take anything from the teacher’s desk or supply cabinets without permission.


8.      Place your finished assignment (if it is artwork and is not dry, place it on the table or drying rack) on my desk so it can be graded. Make sure your name and class period are written on the back top right corner in pencil or pen. If you are finished with your work of art, sign it in the left or right corner of your art. After I give it back to you, store it in your portfolio.  The exception is 3-D artwork.


9.      In-progress art projects should be stored on the long table at the end of class. Graded work (worksheets, quizzes or tests) should be placed in your portfolio. Wet 2-D work should be placed on the drying rack or propped up along the wall on the table.


10.  Be responsible for classroom materials, books, art supplies, etc. that you use during class. Return them to their proper location or give them to the teacher at the end of the class. Wash paintbrushes, palettes, and water containers and return them to their proper location. DO NOT leave paint brushes with paint in them. Take them to the restroom and wash them out…please do not leave the sinks in the restroom splattered with paint. When getting your paint, please do not use large amounts as that is wasting the paint…you can always get up and get more paint. If you find that a marker is out of ink, throw it away. Keep lids on the markers as well.  Drawing paper will be giving to you.


11.  The bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher does. Remain seated until the teacher dismisses you.


12.  Running, pushing, hitting, rough play or throwing of anything in art class will NOT be tolerated.


13.  Cell phones must be placed in the cell phone holder at the back of the classroom. If you do not want to put your phone in the holder…keep it out of my sight. It will go to the cell phone jail and remain there for the duration of class. You will be allowed to use them for some class research when I give you permission to use them. Chrome books must be placed under your desk in art class, unless we are using the for research.