Class Rules



*The first rule of Mrs. Smith's classroom is: NO PROFANITY OR INAPPROPRIATE DISCUSSIONS IN THE CLASSROOM!!!!!*                                                  

  • Come to class prepared with pencil, paper and Chromebook. 


  • No food or drink in classroom.  I will make an exception for water bottle.  First hour: Finish your breakfast before coming into my classroom.


  • Go to the restroom before class. 


  • Please don't talk while I am teaching another student or the class.


  • Stay can sleep at home.


  • Do not throw, toss, launch, levitate, transfer, toss, lob, pitch, fire, fling, catapult,  or make an object(s) move locations in the air.


  • Please stay on task with your lessons.


  • Cell phones go into cell phone holder.  If you have your phone out and it is not in the holder or will place it in the cell jail and I will parole it at the end of class.  Cell phones MUST remain in holder or backpack.


  • No bullying...this includes laughing at people's questions, or the fact that they ask questions. NO TOLERANCE!!!!


  • Art students, please treat art supplies as discussed in class. CLEAN UP your space and supplies.  We will go over the art proceedures at the beginning of school and before each project.


  • Please note: I reserve the right to add more rules as deemed necessary…or if the class believes a rule needs to be put in place, we will do so.