Phonics Skills:

  • Digraphs:  ch, tch, sh, th
  • Syllable pattern VCCV (vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel).  When students are able to recognize this pattern, they can "chunk" words into 2 parts.  This is helpful when students need to sound out an unknown word.
    • pic  ture = picture
    • gar  den = garden
    • pen  cil = pencil

 High Frequency Words:

  • bought, draw, escpecially, minute, picture, question, sure, worry

Decodable Books:

  • Chick and Chuck by Millen Lee
  • Chad Gets an Itch by Anne Miranda

Suggestions for Practice at Home:

  • When reading with your child, point to words that have the spelling patterns: ch, tch, sh, th.  Ask them to tell you those sounds and to help you sound out those words.
  • When your child is reading to you and comes to an unknown word, do NOT tell him what the word is.  Help him "chunk" it into 2 parts to get ready to sound it out.
  • Try to use the high frequency words in conversation with your child.  The more they hear these words, the more comfortable they will become with using these words on their own.