Phonics Skills:

  • Digraphs:  ch, tch, sh, th
  • Syllable pattern VCCV (vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel).  When students are able to recognize this pattern, they can "chunk" words into 2 parts.  This is helpful when students need to sound out an unknown word.
    • pic  ture = picture
    • gar  den = garden
    • pen  cil = pencil

High Frequency Words:

  • bought, draw, escpecially, minute, picture, question, sure, worry


  • A Garden for Marta by Anne Riccio


  • Author's purpose: to entertain or to inform
  • Summarizing

Suggestions for Practice at Home:

  • The students in this group are doing well with decoding words as they read.  We now need to work on making them more fluent or smooth readers.  A good way to practice fluency at home is to "echo read."  Pick a book to read with your child. You read a sentence, and then have your child "echo" your phrasing.  Another way to practice fluency to to "choral read."  Have your child pick a book to read, and you and your child read the sentences together.  The goal is for your child to follow your phrasing and keep up with you as you are reading.