Penguins & Dolphins

Penguins & Dolphins
Phonemic Awareness Skills:
  • Phoneme blending and deletion
    • Example:  What is the word for /m/ /o/ /p/?  Answer:  mop 
    • Example:  Say hat without /h/.  Answer:  at
Phonics Skills:
  • R-controlled vowel: ar  (as in: far, art, arm, park)
High Frequency Words:
  • again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, say
Decodable Stories:
  • Far in a Car by Audrey Carangelo  
Suggestions for Practice at Home:
  • Be sure to practice the High Frequency Words each night with your child.  Use the cards with picture clues for the first 3 nights and the cards without the picture clues for the next 3 nights.
  • Point out the high frequency words in stories you read with your child.  Ask them to read those words for you.  This is good practice for carrying these words over into context.  Too often, the students memorize the words on their flashcards and forget them when they see them in a story.