Welcome to your classroom website

Thank You for Visitng our Webpage!. Please check back often to find infomation on what's  going on in our classroom. I will be updating it randomly with all kinds of cool infomation so please check back often.

* September was a terrific month getting to know all my new students as well as meeting and becoming familiar with your parents. I appreciate all who volunteered to be class parent, children were present as on of the many were picked out of a bucket. The job this year goes to Jackie Ahern and her mom ( Jared's mom and grandmother)  Thank you to all the parents who attended the orientation in our classroom it was nice to get the opportunity to speak to you and familiarize you with myself and our classroom rountines. Speaking of routines...we are all still getting comfortable with all that is being asked of us, however as we begin our 4th week of school things should start to get easier.

                 Just to review; below are some important things to remember:

  1.  Children should ALWAYS have a Book in a Bag with a Reading Log sheet for the current month. Each night read and log your entries.  A Parents signature is required for reading credit. These books may also be read in school during Independent Reaing Time and all notetaking will be done either in class each day or on post its on weekends and days off. Upon returning to school post its should be taped in the Independent Reading Log book to help complete the notes to make writing book summaries easier. When a Book is completed a book summary should be taken from the Library cart in our classroom and filled out as an outline. In addition a 1-2 page summary of this information must be attached and handed in within a week of completing the book to receive credit for your 25 book goal this year. All reading logs will be collected at the end of each month.
  2. Homework must copied in the planner each day, please check the homework assignments are completed. Take a look at the smiley faces at the bottom to see how your child's day went (Blue Star-great!, Green-good, yellow- fair, Red- time to talk) If your child is red more than two times or yellow more often than green- expect to hear from me.

* Looking foward to a Spooktacular October!