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News Bowl

Aug. 13-17

No School

No School

Discuss what Core procedures and class assignments will be assigned and when they would be due.

News Bowl

News Bowl

Aug. 20-24

Assignment in core will be writing topic sentences without linking verbs. Each day we get new students in by the hour they have English.

Students will also be taking SRI tests for reading levels.

Panther Talk/'Channel One News

Core assignments must be completed and returned the next week. They always have a week to get an assignment done unless their major project being done then it will be by parts due each week.



News Bowl

Aug. 27-30

Turn in Practice 1-2

Begin Practice 3-4 by writing topic sentence and changing the verbs in the short paragraphs to active verbs.

This assignment is due the next time them come to core class.




Sept. 3-7

No School

Students are having teacher check their topic sentences and making sure they have stronger verbs in the four short paragraphs.

When they have correctly done this process, they will write on separate piece of paper the four short paragraphs with the new topic sentences added. This is due next core class.



Sept. 10-14

Turn in Practice 3-4 and make sure it is finished before we proceed  onto writing transitional words.

We will take the next two weeks to write this paragraph.






Students hand in Practice 5

Begin working on passive/active verbs in language book.  This will be assignment for all core classes this week.





Sept. 24-28






Oct. 1-5






Oct. 8-12





½ Day

End of 1st Quarter