Mrs. Swezeny's Science Website


My name is Susan Swezeny and I graduated from Stockton College where I received my Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science.  I have been married for over 25 years to a great guy and I have 3 children ranging in age from 14 to 21.  I have been teaching science for 7 years and love it. 

Class Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines are important to any situation!  Without rules, we would never get anything done and we have a lot to do!  The rules that guide our class came from the students at the beginning of the year.

1. Respect Yourself and Others - don't talk while others are talking and they will listen to you when it's your turn.

2. Come to Class on Time - We need to get started right away!  You have lots to do!

3. Come Prepared - You need your Textbook, your Notebook, and something to write with.  You will be getting a grade every day for being prepared.


Earth Science Textbook

Environmental Science Textbook