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Class Work for the week of 2-2-09

Earth Science

Monday - What are the three types of isostasy?  How does each occur?  What happens when a mountain weathers down or a glacier melts?  So how do we get earthquakes in NJ and we are not near a plate boundary? 

Homework:  Page 278 Section 1 review question #1, Critical thinking #9.

Tuesday - What is stress and strain?  What is the difference?  Where would each occur?  Today we will review stress and strain on the overhead and complete a worksheet. 

Homework:  Page 278 section 1 Review, question #2,3,4.

Wednesday - Faults and Folds.  What is the difference?  Would you buy a house near one and not the other?  How does each occur?   We will play around with models and demonstrate the different types of faults and folds.  Then together we will work on the worksheet.

Homework:  Page 278 Critical Thinking #8.

Thursday - Did you know there are 4 types of mountains?  Can't guess?  Folded, Fault-Block, Dome, and Volcano.  Aren't you excited now?!  Two are produced by plate movement, two are produced by magma. 

Friday - short Quiz about the week, then on to the vocabulary for the next chapter!

Environmental Science

Monday - Today we will continue with the vocabulary.  We have some catching up to do!  We will discuss what each vocabulary term means in terms of the human population growth curve in the book.

homework:  finish vocabulary

Tuesday - How do the nations compare regarding income.  Does income really make all the difference?  Create a chart in your notebook.  Fold into four columns and in your first column put Economic Category, second column is examples, third column is fertility rate, fourth column is Environmental consequences.  From your book, fill in the information into the proper slot.

Homework:  page 148 Section review question #2.

Wednesday -   Do you have what it takes to survive! Get in your group and list 4 things that are needed to survive.  Then list 5 things that might happen if the number of people in a group or country is increased but the quantity of resources remain constant.

Homework:  thinking Environmentally #2 on page 148.

Thursday - Today, we will see the ususal response to human population growth.  First, what is subsistence agriculture or subsistence farming?  There are 6 usual responses to rapid population growth. 

Homework:  Summarize "The Dilemma of Immigration" on page 135.

Friday - Today we will find some of the problems associated with Affluence.  What is affluence?, you say?!  Well, read up on it and find out who producing the most of it!  The go online and find how affluent your life is.  Calculate how many planets it would take to support us if everyone consumed resources like we did.  Go to http://www.earthday.net/footprint/index.html  and calculate your footprint.

Homework:  none enjoy your weekend!