Our Classroom Website


This is the Mrs.Switzer's class web page! You can find anything you need to know about my class on here! If you have a question you will 99.9% be able to find it here:) But if you cant find the answer click on the "contact me" tab to get your questions answered!!

Homework and Classwork

Homework and classwork will be given everyday! Every homework and classwork assignment will be posted on this website if you ever forget what an assignment is! Every assignment given is ALWAYS due the next day unless said otherwise! Homework will also be written on the board for your child to write in their planner! Using your planner is very helpful! Each assignment is based off of completion but I still grade them to see how many they missed. Each assignment is worth 3 points.

Extra credit

I am a huge lover of extra credit! I think it is awesome! I give extra credit on homework, tests, and I will just give out a worksheet sometimes! Every week there will be 3 assignments posted on the front board which I will also be posting on this website. They are allowed to do all 3! It is highly recommended.


We have tests every week. Each test will  be on a Friday!

Go explore the rest of the page to find out more information!