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Book Report

Newbery Book Reports

Due Monday, June 3rd     

  (I will accept them earlier.)


Each of you will select a Newbery award winning book or honor book from the library.  See me if you are uncertain that the book you want to read is a Newbery book.  After reading your book, you will complete a book report.  You have some different options for this report.   You must choose and complete one of the following options.


Option #1:  A Written Report

This report is entirely written.  There is a one page minimum for this report.  When writing, be sure all of the following parts are included:

  • Your name
  • Title and author’s name
  • The setting  (time and place)
  • Summary of the story telling the events and characters.  It should have a beginning, middle, and end.  Please tell the ending of the story in this summary. 
  • Give your opinion of the book.  Why should I or should I not read this book?


Option #2:  A Puppet Show

Create a script and perform a puppet show that summarizes your book.  I will provide you with a puppet stage.  Use homemade puppets (sock puppets are easy and cheap) to represent your book’s characters.  Also make a backdrop on a piece of poster board to show your book’s setting (I suggest putting up an additional card identifying the time.).  You may either summarize the entire story’s main events, or you may give us a quick overview of the events and act out your favorite scene.  Regardless of which option you choose, you must tell the class the title, the author, and the major events from the beginning, middle, and end.  Your play may not exceed five minutes, and it must be presented on Monday, June 3rd.


Option #3:  A Mobile


For this report you will create a mobile that can be hung from the ceiling.  You may hang note cards, pictures, or objects from you mobile, but regardless of how you do it, you must include the following information:

  • Your name
  • The title and author’s name
  • The setting  (time and place)
  • The main characters. 
  • Main events from the beginning, middle, and end 
  • Give your opinion of the book.  Why should I or should I not read this book?

By looking at your mobile, someone who has never read your book should understand what it is all about.  In addition to the information above, your mobile should be balanced, easy to read (make the words large enough to be read from the ceiling), and neat.  Your creation will be displayed in our classroom June 4th  – 10th.



Do not procrastinate!  You should be at least halfway through the book by May 12th, finished by May 23rd, and working on/finishing the report from May 24th-31st

Remember – this may be turned in at any time during the month. 

Good luck, and have fun!

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