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October 24th - 30th         

  • Hello Parents!

    Updates & Reminders:

    • Thank you for sending your children in such authentic attire and with old-fashioned lunches on Monday!  A link to some Heritage School pictures will soon be emailed to you.
    • I am still looking for drivers for our brief trip to the museum from 12:45 to 2:00 on November 22nd.  Please let me know if you are available. 
    • Thursday Student Council is sponsoring a Breast Cancer Research fundraiser.  Students can pay $1.00 to support the cause and wear jeans and pink shirts.
    • Thursday is our chapter 3 Science test.
    • Tuesday is our topic 3 Math test.
    • Wednesday is picture re-take day.
    • There will not be Mass on Wednesday because we will be having an All Saints Day Mass next Friday (11/1)
    •  Mass parts will also be distributed on Wednesday (for the Mass on Nov.6) to the children who did not read at the last Mass.
    • Looking ahead:  Next Thursday (10/31) will be the states and capitals of the Northeast test.  Your child has a map of the Northeast in his/her homework folder.  The backside of it has the labels removed so he/she can study from it.

    This week in 4th grade:

    English:  We are studying common and proper nouns. (ch.10)

    Reading:  We are reading the story How to Babysit an Orangutan starting on Monday as we work on summarizing, nonfiction text structures, and defining words through structural analysis. 

    Spelling:  Beginning Monday we will be studying words with the /ou/ sound.  (see below)

    Math:  We are concluding topic 3 by solving word problems that require us to work with place values and patterns. Topic 4 will focus on addition and subtraction of whole numbers (including mental math, estimation, and large sums/differences).

    Religion:  We are studying each of the Ten Commandments and what they mean to us.  So you know, I am combining chapters 3, 11, and 15 since they are all about the Ten Commandments. 

    Science:  We are discussing how ecosystems are balanced and how organisms in these ecosystems interact.  (ch.4)

    Social Studies:  We are studying immigration and Ellis Island, the Women’s Rights and Abolitionist Movements, and vertical timelines.  (ch.5)


    Have a great week!

    Tiffany Moore

  • Spelling

    Words with /ou/


    1.              ground

    2.             frown

    3.             downtown

    4.             bounced

    5.             council

    6.             about

    7.             scout

    8.             counter

    9.             background

    10.          amount

    11.           bound

    12.          shower

    13.          mountain

    14.          county

    15.          thousand

    16.          allowance

    17.          counselor

    18.          discount

    19.          countless

    20.         rebound


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