Classroom Policies



Showing Our Seton Pride

Each month every fourth grader is given the chance to earn a reward by following the Seton Five (school rules listed in the school handbook).  Each child gets ten letters (spelling SETON PRIDE) at the beginning of the month.  If they have letters left at the end of the month, they will take part in a reward activity with the third, fourth, and fifth graders.  Students lose letters by breaking the rules.  Minor offenses (like running in the hall) result in the loss of one letter.  “Two letter” offenses are more serious and include not completing homework on time.  



There will be many days when there is not enough time to finish all of our work at school.  Homework will end up being about forty minutes per night unless there is a big project that the student is completing.  If homework time is taking more than an hour of active work time each night, please contact me so that accommodations can be discussed.  Any homework assignment receiving a “U” must be redone within two days to improve the student’s comprehension of the topic.  It will generally be returned the day after it was due.  All graded work will be discussed in class promptly, however, satisfactory papers will be sent home in a red folder on Wednesdays.  This helps us to avoid the messy book bags and lost work. 

Students are required to complete their assignment notebook each day.  During the first quarter I ask parents to sign it every night to get everyone into the good habit of using the assignment notebook.  For quarters 2-4 parents will only need to sign the assignment notebook if there are three or more late assignments that quarter.  During quarters 2-4 I will check the assignment notebooks at least once a week to be sure they are being completed.  If the child does not write the work down, it can be accessed on our website at (linked through the Seton website).  Spelling lists and study guides can also be found on our website.


Make-Up Work

lf students know in advance that they will be missing school, they should bring a note to me stating the dates they will be gone.  Advance notice helps me prepare and get the work to the student.  If a student is sick, the homework may be sent home that day with another sibling in the school or may be picked up at the office by 4 P.M. if requested by the parent.  One day is given for each day absent to complete any make-up work. 


Late Work

The timely completion of homework is expected.  All homework is collected first thing in the morning.  Students will not be allowed to call home for forgotten work.  Parents will be notified of any late work via email.   After three late assignments in one quarter, further late work will receive a 10% grade reduction for being late.



All tests, excluding spelling, must be signed by a parent before returning them to school. 



Grades will be based on the following major factors: homework, in-class work, and test scores.  Homework is worth 40% of the subject grade and tests and performance assessments are worth 60%.  Students will be given report cards four times per year.  Mid-quarter grades will be sent home halfway between each quarter. 

Grading Scale

A+    98-100%

A      95-97%

A-     93-94%

B+     90-92%

B       86-89%

B-     83-85%

C+     81-82%

C       78-80%

C-     76-77%

D+    74-75%

D      72-73%

D-     70-71%

U      69% and below


Student of the Week

Each student will have a chance to be our class’s Student of the Week. Every week a different student may bring in some pictures or other personal items to share with the class. In addition, each child will receive an ‘All About Me’ poster, which he/she may color and use to tell us a little bit about him/herself. I will send the ‘All About Me’ poster and a note home with the upcoming Student of the Week on the Wednesday before his/her big week.


Book Orders

The students will be given book orders once or twice a month in their Wednesday envelope.  Any orders are due by the following Wednesday.  Most quality books are less expensive through book orders than if purchased in chain stores.  Please write checks to each book company as they do not accept cash.

You may also order online at  Click on “Parents” or “Register Now” to create an online account.  Our class activation code is:   H8GT6    If ordering online you have access to books beyond those advertised in the flyer, and you can pay with a credit or debit card.  There is no shipping fee, and the books will be sent to your child at school.


Communicating with Mrs. Moore

I will be notifying every family about upcoming classroom events using our classroom newsletter, “The Inside Scoop,” via email or in the Wednesday envelope if you do not use email.  The newsletter can also be accessed on our classroom website at (linked to the Seton website).  All graded work will be returned in the red Wednesday folder.  If a “Fix It” (an assignment scoring a U) was not signed by the parent it will be placed in the Wednesday envelope to be sure that parents are aware of its existence. 

In addition to sending me notes, I can be reached at school from 7:30 – 8:00 A.M. or from 3:00  – about 3:45 P.M. at 452-1571 or in person, and I am available through email at  In case of emergency, you may call me at home from 4:15 – 9:00 P.M. at 287-1975.