5th Grade Language Arts

At Heritage Elementary School we use the Houghton Mifflin Reading program.

Below is a list of the themes we will be covering this year:


 Theme 1: Nature’s Fury

Skills: Making Predictions, Inferring and Sequence of Events   

OARS Assessment #1


Theme 2: Give it All you’ve Got

Skills: Evaluate, Summarize and Clarify. Fact and Opinion. Story Structure, Predicting Outcomes   

OARS Assessment #2


Theme 3: Voices of the Revolution

Skills: Evaluate Cause and Effect, Author’s Viewpoint, Following Directions   

OARS Assessment #3


Theme 4: Person to Person

Skills: Making Inferences, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Noting Details and Compare and Contrast  

OARS Assessment #4


Theme 5: One Land, Many Trails

Skills: Drawing conclusions, Propaganda, Making Judgments and Story Structure 

 OARS Assessment #5


Theme 6: Nature-Animal Encounters

Skills: Evaluate, Making Generalizations, Main Idea, Supporting Details and Drawing Conclusions   

OARS Assessment #6