My Class Rules

#1: Respect

-Yourself (Look for what you can do, not for what you think you cannot do)

-Your Teacher (I am here to guide you, and help you, not to be your bossy boss)

-Your Classmates (Everyone has the right to learn in a safe, positive environment)

-Your School (This is your home for learning)

-Your Materials (Books should be treated like gold, for they are worth much more)

#2 Put In Your Best Effort

-Don't Be Late Please (Show me and your classmates that you really do care)

-Do Your Homework (I know you can...I won't put your goals out of your reach)

-Ask For Help When You Need It (We're all learning new things, and no one knows everything...not even your teachers)

-Don't Distract Others (Learn and let Learn)

-Allow Enough Time To Complete Work (DON'T Procrastinate, Please)


-Take Pride In Your Work (Do your own work, so you can be proud of it)

-Admit Your Mistakes (We all make them, and most of them can be fixed, and all can be learned from)

-Don't Blame Others (You get what you give, and while life isn't always fair, my class is going to be)