Homework and Tests

Week 1

Read Ch. 1 Text Book

Read Ch. 1-4 in To Kill a Mockingbird

Worksheet 1 Introduction Quiz
Week 2

Read Ch. 2 Text Book

Read Ch. 5-9 in To Kill a Mockingbird

Essay 1 Ch. 1 & 2 Quiz
Week 3

Read Ch. 3 Text Book

Read Ch. 10-13 To Kill a Mockingbird

Worksheets 2 & 3 Start Presentation
Week 4

Read Ch. 4 Text Book

Read Ch. 14-18 To Kill a Mockingbird

Essay 2 Ch. 3 & 4 Quiz
Week 5

Work on Presentation

Read Ch. 19-21 To Kill a Mockingbird

Worksheet 4 Study for Midterm
Week 6 Midterm Exam Continue Working on Presenation Rest yes
Week 7

Read Ch. 5 Text Book

Read Ch. 22-25 To Kill a Mockingbird

Worksheet 5 Ch. 5 Quiz
Week 8

Presentations by Group

Read Ch. 26-29 To Kill a Mockingbird

Mon. Groups 1,2,3

Tues. Groups 4, 5, 6

Wed. Groups 7, 8, 9

Read Ch. 6
Week 9

Evaluate Peer Presentations

Read Ch. 30-31 To Kill a Mockingbird

Essay 3 Worksheet 6
Week 10 Read Ch. 7 Text Book Worksheet 7

Ch. 6 & 7 Quiz

Test: To Kill a Mockingbird

Week 11 Study for Final Exam Essay 4 Rest yes
Week 12 Final Exam    

*Essays should be 300-500 words, typed, and free of grammar and spelling errors please

*Vocabulary Flash Cards are available

*Study Groups will meet Wed. @ 4pm-5pm in My Classroom (Friends can come to help, and healthy Snacks will be provided)

*Review Sheets for Exams will be given 2 weeks before Midterm and Final Exams


*Late work will recieve 10% grade reduction for every day late (exceptions for emergencies and absences will apply)

*Remember: Group Projects should include everyone's full participation and effort (not every person automatically recieves the same grade)

*The Novel "To Kill a Mocking Bird" will be read at home and in class