Class Vocabulary

Here is a site with a list of Vocabulary Words and Definitions:

Key Words For This Class:

engender- to bring into existence; give rise to

vitiate- to reduce the value or impair the quality of

pacify- to ease the anger or agitation of

marred- damaged, especially disfiguring damage

ardent- expressing or characterized by warmth of feeling; passionate

countenance- appearance-especially the expression of the face

charisma- a rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm

exacerbate- to increase the severity, violence, or bitterness of; aggravate

lucid- easily understood; intelligible

figurative- based on or making use of figures of speech; metaphorical

innocuous- having no adverse effect; harmless

circumspect- heedful of circumstances and potential consequences; prudent

precipitate- to cause to happen, especially suddenly or prematurely

substantive- not imaginary; actual; real

inclement- stormy; showing no clemency; unmerciful

obscure- not clearly understood or expressed; ambiguous or vague

acrimonious- bitter, sharp, ill-natured animosity, especially as it is exhibited in speech or behavior

elusive- difficult to define or describe

complicity- involvement as an accomplice in a questionable act or a crime

patriarch- a man who rules a family, or tribe

poignant- keenly distressing to the mind or feelings

indiscreet- lacking discretion; injudicious

provincial- limited in perspective; narrow and self-centered

coherent- logically connected

secular- worldly rather than spiritual

conspicuous- attracting attention, as by being unusual or remarkable; noticeable

palpable- easily perceived; obvious

assimilate- to incorporate and absorb