Required Reading

To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

This 1988 Novel, by Harper Lee is an American Classic. Students from all of the world read this book for its cultural and literary context. I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I have. I will set aside time each week to read this book aloud in class, and give students independent reading time as well, to make sure we can all enjoy this literature, while keeping in mind that everyone reads at his or her own pace. We will have weekly review sheets, which will be ungraded assignments to make sure the key ideas from each chapter are discussed in class. Essay 3 will be about the impact this book has had on audiences and society since its famous publication. Students will be able to do research on this topic, as well as interviewing friends and relatives to get a wide perspective on the matter.

After we take the test on this novel, we will watch the movie during class and Essay 4 will compare the book to the movie. (Permission slips for the viewing of this film will go out to parents before this activity takes place.)

Here are some links that may help with understanding of this novel and its impact on the world: