Classroom Procedures


Classroom Procedures


1.  Morning Routine

We will have a procedure for beginning our day together:

·        First, put your backpack and jacket in the designated location.

·        Second, empty your backpack and get your binder out.  Check to make sure you have the following: books, binder, and pencils.

·        Turn in any homework you have into the proper bins.

·        Check the assignment board, and begin working on your morning “self start” work.


2.  Give Me A High Five - Attention

I have a procedure when I want your undivided attention.  I will clap and say, “Class, please give me five.”   Please immediately follow these 5 steps.


                1.  Hands Free (put things down quietly, and show a high five)

                2.  Quiet

                3.  Be Still

                4.  Eyes on speaker

                5.  Listen



4.  Getting Out of Seat (Restroom and supplies)

You may not leave your seat while I am teaching or talking to the class. In order to have the greatest amount of time possible to complete assigned work, it is important that you take care of bathroom breaks at lunch and break times whenever possible.


During instruction, or whole class activities, restroom breaks are for emergencies only.  Please raise your hand and let me know that you have a bathroom emergency. 

Leaving the room (to go to the office, or restroom) always requires teacher permission.


5.  Participating in Discussions


Instruction and Whole Group Discussions - Please listen to the speaker and raise your hand if you have a question or comment.  Hands are not to be waved and you are to remain seated.


Independent Work Time – Please remember that this is a quiet work time, and you should be focusing on doing your own work.  This is an important time for you to get practice on the skills we are learning.


Group Work Time – Please use your inside voices during this time.  You are to discuss items with your own team members.  Remember that this is your opportunity to work with your team and learn with your team.


All other times (indoor recess, lunch, etc.) require inside voices also!


6.  Ring Binder

You are responsible for bringing this binder to school every day. All assignments and homework will go home in this binder.

You will have a weekly work folder inside this binder.  This folder will contain important notes from the teacher and also contain assignments/tests. One pocket of the folder will be labeled as “Bring back to school” this pocket will contain tests that need to be brought back to school, and the other pocket will be labeled, “Keep at home.” This pocket will contain notes and papers that need to stay at home.   This folder will go home on Mondays and mustreturn Tuesday morning.  You are to show your parents all of the information in the folder, and have it signed by your parent or guardian. You will also have a folder inside your binder that contains your homework and a homework assignment sheet. Please keep this folder inside your binder.


12. Birthdays

I think birthdays are very special and should be celebrated. If your child would like to bring in a treat to share with the class, they are permitted with my prior approval. In addition, please avoid snacks which require cutting or prepping. If the parent would like to celebrate their child’s birthday with us they must be here at 2:00pm. In our classroom, summer birthdays are to be celebrated at the end of our school year. Please let me know if you would like to come in and celebrate your child’s birthday.


14. Grading Policies

It is my expectation that each and every student in this class will experience success.  It is important that you experience both responsibility and accomplishment.  These are two things that will help you succeed the rest of your life.  I do not give grades, you earn grades.  Every student begins the year with 100%, it is your job to keep that 100%.  It is my job, as your teacher, to help you keep that 100%.  I will help you any way I can.  However, it is the choices you make that will determine your grade.  Please take care of yourself and your future by making positive choices!



15.  Late and Missing Assignments

One of the most important lessons you will ever learn is responsibility.  If you turn in an assignment late, it will be recorded.  Your percentage is dropped when you turn in your work late and is a zero if it is never turned in.  You will miss recess in order to complete the missing assignment as well.


If you are having difficulty with a skill or concept, please feel free to discuss it with me.  There are things that I have a hard time learning also.  I understand that sometimes learning a new skill is difficult.  I am willing to meet with you and discuss options to help you learn better.  For example, I may be willing to boost a test grade if a student were to do a short, researched presentation on the topic.  Remember, I am here to help you succeed!  I will do what I can to help you reach your goals.  You can be successful in this room if you make the right choices!


17.  Citizenship/Work Habits

I keep a current record of missing assignments, late assignments, and behavior issues for each student.  I use these, as well as my professional judgment, to determine marks for citizenship and work habits.  I use the district scale that is listed on the student report card.  Again, I do not give out these marks – they are earned by the choices you make!


18.  End of the Day Dismissal

Please remain in your seat until I dismiss the class.  The bell does not dismiss the class.  You do not dismiss the class.  The teacher dismisses the class.  Your work area should be clean and your chair in the proper place when you are dismissed.  You are to take your belongings, including your binder and any books you need for homework, home with you each night.

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