Class Assignments and Projects


Class assignments and projects

Periodically, throughout the year, our class will have a project, writing activity, or report to complete for school. I will send home details regarding these and other assignments at the appropriate time. The most important factor in ensuring success on these projects is starting as soon as possible. Procrastination often results in stress as these projects are in addition to the regular homework schedule. The following are many of this year’s projects:


??Book projects/reports (1 per month)

??Community volunteer project

??Christmas Around the World

Spelling Contract  Students will receive a spelling contract every Monday after their spelling pre-test. Students grade will be based on the number of activities completed. All spelling words should be spelled correctly. On Fridays a spelling test will be given to add in with the spelling contract grade.

Morning Work Each morning students complete a daily "self start" activity.  They are designed to get students into using their atlas and learning about the world around them, thinking about relationships and vocabulary words, thinking mathematically, and doing a little editing.  We correct the day's self start orally together 15-20 minutes later.  Students fill in the correct answers on their sheets and take them home on Thursday evenings to review because each Friday there is a quiz over the exact same material.  The quiz consists of all eight of the week's geography questions, all eight analogies, two math questions and two or three sentences to edit (out of eight) and a paragraph to edit.  I grade the Friday quiz and that's what goes in my grade book.

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