Tests and Homework Policy


tests and quizzes


I will give two tests per chapter in Social Studies and Science. The first test will cover approximately the first half of the chapter. The second test will be the “book” test which is cumulative for the chapter. If a chapter is very long or the material is very difficult, I  may add an additional test before the “book” test. Students will have a vocabulary test, spelling test, and math test every Friday.


Homework policy

    Students will receive homework every night except Fridays (unless a project is due or a test is scheduled for Monday -- this happens very rarely).  A typical night of homework will include an assignment in spelling, math, and one other subject.  Additionally, I ask that students read at least 15 minutes per night.  What they read is entirely up to them.  The goal is to get students reading.  The more they enjoy what they are reading, the more they will read, and the more they read, the better at it they'll become.

Daily homework is due the day after it is assigned (unless otherwise specified).  Homework can be turned in one day late for a reduced grade.  After that it will not be accepted.  Of course, students absent due to illness will be given the necessary time to make up missed assignments.

All work must also contain the proper class heading in the upper right-hand corner of the paper. This heading consists of the student's name, number, and the date.  The title of the assignment goes on the first line of the paper (for example -- Math p.105 #'s 1-20).

In previous grade levels, students may have been required to write down their homework in a "homework binder" and have parents sign it every night.  While I do require students to write down their homework every night, I do not require parents to sign their binders (unless turning in homework becomes a problem).  This is my way of trying to promote independence in my students.  However, every Friday I do send home a Late/Incomplete Homework Notice with students who fail to turn in, or turn in late, at least one homework assignment during that week.  The late/incomplete assignment(s) will be listed, and I ask that parents sign the form and return it to school on Monday.  It is my goal that this process will help keep parents updated and build student responsibility at the same time.


Homeworkopoly is a homework game that will be played each

morning. Students qualify to play the game if they have turned all

their. Homeworkopoly is a board game that is displayed on our bulletin board. If a student turned in their assigned homework for that morning, then they will roll one dice and move that number of spaces.

When a student passes go, they will receive a ticket and have their name put into the jar for our drawing.

Homeworkopoly is set up to be a motivator for students to

turn in all of their class work on time.

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