Classroom Jobs


Classroom Jobs


The following is a list of the jobs in Mr. Taylor’s classroom.  Students either choose or are assigned a particular job that lasts two weeks. After two weeks, students will choose or be assigned a new job. 


Team Captains:  These are the team leaders.  Duties include making sure their team has all of their supplies, placing missed work in folder for absent students, doing desk checks at end of the day, and checking other student’s agendas.  

Assistant Coach:  These individuals perform all duties when Mrs. Taylor is unavailable, opens each Morning Meeting, and checks with Team Captains at end of the day to ensure jobs are being performed.  *These two individuals are assigned by Mrs. Taylor. 

Team Bankers:  One girl and one boy.  Duties include lunch count and running errands.  


Referees:   Their duties are to assist in our behavior goals by monitoring students.  Three students

Quarterbacks:  Duties include passing out materials.  

Tight Ends:  Duties include sharpening of pencils

Score Board Operators:  Duties include putting homework in numerical order, and placing stickers on homework chart.  

Nose Tackles:   Duty includes leading the line during lunch and restroom breaks.  

Team Reporters:  Duties include writing and editing our weekly blog. $20

Linebackers:  Door Holder

New Player Ambassadors:   Duties include teaching new students about our classroom and school wide rules and procedures

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