Special Projects



“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

-Booker T. Washington

In our attempt to create responsible citizens of our children we need to give them opportunities to practice adult responsibilities. I believe that volunteering to make a difference in one’s community is one of our responsibilities as citizens. Encouraging our children to make a difference in their community gives them a realization that individuals can affect positive change. It increases their self-esteem. It stretches their comfort zone, just a bit.

Each student in my class has the opporunity complete a community volunteer project this year for extra credit. This project is meant to be entirely completed outside of school, but presented to the class. This is not a required project, but is done for extra credit.

This project may involve some research, using the web, the phone book, and making phone calls to several organizations may be part of the learning experience for the children. I do not intend for this to put any undue burden on families. Please schedule the hours at a time of the year when they work for you. This may be a family event that you would do anyway or you may take a more supervisory role. Make it meet your needs. Students may spend a few hours doing some tree planting in the city or shovel a neighbor’s front walk every time it snows. It’s the significance of contributing to the community and helping others that I want the students to gain, not a product to show or a certain number of hours to complete.