Book Reports


Book Reports

Book Report and Project Information  

 This year you will have a book report due every month (except December and June) on the last school day of each month. 
-  All book reports need to be typed or written by the student, making sure that each question is answered. The questions will be given at the time of the report.

-  It is very important that book reports are turned in on time. Late work is not acceptable.

 The due dates, genres, and activity assignments are: (This is subject to change)

 Due Date                         Genre                  Activity
Last school day of:

September                     Free Choice             Dust Jacket

October                         Tall tale                    Project Cube or
                                                                     Panel picture book

November                     Biography              Board Game or Newspaper,
                                  Talk-notes                    Biography Mobile or timeline

January                    Historical Fiction           Prairie Shooner or 
                                                                    Grocery Bag 
                                                                    with Artifacts

February                 Non-fiction                     Suitcase Display or Story 
                                                                  Container or Prairie Shooner

March                     Legend                        Sandwich book project

April                       Fantasy/Science Fiction     Diorama or Cereal box or
                                                                   Cartoon Strip

May                         Myth/Fairy tale            PowerPoint 
                                                                   only-No written report




Book Report Format

Every written book report will need to follow these guidelines:

1.You will need to have a title page with the title of the book,the author of the book, the publisher's name, your name and the date.

2. You will need to describe the setting in detail. Describe how the setting changes the mood of the story.This section needs to be labeled "Setting" and should be about five lines in length.

3.Who are the main characters in your story? Describe at least three people who make a difference in how the story evolves. This sections needs to be labeled "Main Characters" and should be at least six lines long.

4.What is the climax in the story? What event happened that changed the way the story ended? Sometimes there are several climaxes. Choose the one that is the most important to you. Describe what happened in detail. This section needs to be labeled "Climax" and should be approximately 6-10 lines long.

5. In every book there is a moral to the story, or a lesson that the author wants you to learn. What is the lesson in this book? Think about this.. Sometimes it is very subtle. This section needs to be labeled "Moral of the Story" and should be about five lines long

6.What did you think of this book? Did you enjoy it or not? Why? Label this section "My Opinion" and be specific in your reasons why you did or did not like the book. This should be about four lines long.

7.Write a summary of the book in order of the events. This section should be about one-half to one page in length. I will be looking for lots of details and description. It needs to be labeled "Summary."


Book Report Format-Non-Fiction

1. Title, author, publisher, number of pages
2. Setting
3. Summary of the book (one page handwritten, ¾ page typed)
4. Your opinion of the book


I care about you and want this to be a fun, successful and memorable school year.  Please share this with your parent/guardian.  I am looking forward to the amazing year ahead of us!  Thank you!  

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