Mrs. Goodman's Year 8 Classes


This is the website that I will posting homework, updates, and other important things that students and parents need to know throughout he schoolyear. If you have any questions, you can email me at I hope that we all have a wonderful year together and I am looking forward to having all of your amazing young minds in my class. 


I would like to address all questions on homework here. Homework will be due each Friday, which is when it will be checked and scored. There will be multiple assignments given, most likely beginning during the third week of school. It only counts as 15% of the pupils grade, so please do not let homework stress you out!

Do not disturb. Great minds at work

Robert KIng

How will our work be weighted?

Scored worked is weighted by the following percentages: 

Coursework: 20%

Projects: 5%

Exams: 40%

Papers: 25%

Homework: 15%