Mrs.Lee's Classroom Website

Welcome to our class!

Welcome to Mrs. Lee's class page. I hope you will check in often to find out about all of the happenings in class. I will be making updates bi-monthly, so please hang in there while I attempt to make the updates as timely as possible. On this website you will find important dates of events, celebrations, projects/assessments, and general school items. In addition, I will keep our class supply list, school calendar, and student list (with consent, of course!) posted in the Supplies & Basics section for regular reference. Please check the Student's Page for spelling lists, review pages, study guides, outlines, and rubrics, in the event our lovelies "misplace" their work!


My "door" is always open (that is, my figurative door because we always keep the portable door locked for safety reasons, please read about the security details in Supplies & Basics), and I welcome all of your questions, concerns, feedback, or just a simple "heads-up" from home. Please email me at as well as at my personal email