Class Policies

My General Classroom Policies

Ø      Assignments are given every night, with the exception of holidays and Fridays. While some subjects may not be assigned homework every night, readings are assigned EVERY night, which will usually go along with some sort of short, written response (be on the lookout for little noses in their books!). My policy is always to “forgive and forget” missed assignments, provided they are made up by the following school day. All I ask is that you folks at home drop me a note as to the reason why – hey, I live in the real world too, and stuff happens!

 Ø      You may also notice a little something called “Homework Bingo” in their folders. This is sort of my little bribe to get the kids to complete their assignments daily, and on time. When all assignments are in class on time, and complete, our HW Checkers check that it’s all in, then the student receives a sticker for the day. Although assignments missed on a night is forgiven if made up on the following night, they may not receive a bingo sticker (hey, I need some sort of leverage!). Once the bingo board if complete, you folks at home just need to sign, they turn it in (signed), and I hand over a Homework pass, good for reprieve from one assignment (sorry folks, NOT one NIGHT of homework!).

 Ø      I am very flexible and understanding when it comes to family lives, schedules, and outside activities, therefore, I’d appreciate a heads-up for anything coming down the road that could be a big deal for your child, and what may conflict with classroom activities or assignments.

Ø      I expect only the very best from each and every student. I am flexible in almost every way except for when it comes to poor performance as a result of poor attitudes and lack of concern. My policy is to treat each student individually, and hold them up to their own standards for success. I find unacceptable work that lacks attention, meaning, and thought. Every assignment must be treated as if it were the only one that counts. I also will take into account work that may be sloppy or may otherwise look as if it were done on the run. Time and attention must be given to all of the work that every student does. That is not to say that I expect you families at home to be monitoring or ensuring this. The students are responsible enough to be thoughtful of their own work.
Ø      I believe that we should all share and share alike! “Sharing is caring!” as I like to say. I always encourage all to share what they have with friends, as there will probably come a time when they may need another friend’s generosity. And I am also very generous with whatever I have in the classroom. With that being said, please try to ensure that your child’s supplies are replenished whenever there is a need.