Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

4th grade is such an exciting time for students. They are now afforded the opportunities to show off what they know. Third grade led them down the right path, and taught them how to understand and use the tools they’ll need to thrive. Now they get to show off all of the tools that they have acquired and prove to themselves that they are well-equipped and successful.

Ø      4th grade readers now have more of an interest in challenging text, and experimenting with different genres. We will be employing the “Workshop Model” of teaching Reading/Writing/Language Arts. This provides for many aspects of the learning process, such as learning from modeling, guided instruction, small group practice, individual conferences, taught self-monitoring skills, questioning skills, individualized learning objectives, and much more. We will be using more sophisticated writing skills, crafts, and ideas.

Ø     Math will be building upon the concepts of 3rd grade, but the children will be introduced to new concepts as well. The number concepts will focus more on the ability to use various operations to understand numbers.

Ø      Our Social Studies curriculum focuses on the diversity of people, explorers, related geography, and their roles in history. The center of our explorations will be rooted right here in the Garden State.

Ø      Our up and coming scientists will be examining various states of matter, exploring the planets and our solar system, looking at our sandy shores, and motion and design.

Ø      Word Study involves small group instruction of spelling features and skills. The children will have assignments 3 times per week, in addition to 1 night (Thursday) of studying for their weekly spelling features test.