Supplies & Basics



Birthday celebrations are always welcome! Who doesn’t like a good party? I ask only that you notify me at least two days in advance so that I may plan around the festivities, and try to have some sort of a normal schedule for the day. When sending in your birthday goodies, please do not forget the napkins, and whatever else may be required for us to enjoy (i.e. forks, plates, spoons, etc.). We will generally hold celebrations toward the end of the day, so if you would rather drop off snacks at lunch time to the office, rather than sending it in with your child in the morning, this is an idea. Also, please resist the temptation to come straight to our portable instead of going through the office. The office can let me know that they are there waiting for pick-up at our convenience, rather than being interrupted during instructional time by unexpected (yet welcome!) cupcakes!


Location, location, location! Our location is just so interesting! It seemed like a good idea to just pop into the portable to drop off Bobby’s lunch at 9:30. Well, no one wants Bobby to go hungry! But let’s please try to remember that what is the policy for the rest of the school building goes for our portable as well. Unannounced visitors are a no-no, and I know you all wouldn’t want me to get into trouble, would you?! Please report to the main office to obtain a visitor’s pass, and also so that the office staff may inform us in the room that there is someone or something on the way.



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