Just For Kids - Second Grade Skills Practice

Communication Arts

     Dositey                                                 Starfall                                                    Language Skills

     Writing Games                                      Trophies                                                 Kid Port

     Learning Planet                                    Online Books                                          Spelling

     Funschool                                             Games                                                     Word Turtle

     Synonyms                                              What's The Word                                    Roy the Zebra

     Basic Skills                                             Internet Games                                      Brain Teasers

     Phonics                                                  Katie's Clubhouse                                  4Kids

     ABC Order                                              Library Skills                                           Story Elements

     Sequencing                                            Multiple Meaning Words                        Fairy Tales

     Comprehension                                      Making Predictions                               



     Math Baseball                                        Basic Math Skills                                       Math Games

     Quiz Yourself                                         Netrover                                                  Illuminations

     Learning Planet                                     Math Advantage                                       Math Glossary

     Logic Problems                                      Create A Graph                                        Cool Math 4 Kids

     AAA Math                                              Toon University                                       Manipulatives

     Enrichment                                            Math Dictionary                                      Count Us In

     Time                                                       Numeracy                                               Math Playground

     Time Tracker                                          Counting Change                                   Change Memory

     Counting Coins                                       Thinking Blocks


Social Studies

      Social Studies Skills                                 Government                                            Social Studies Books

     Game Aquarium                                        KidPort                                                    Cyber Chase

     Funbrain Geography                                 Funbrain History                                      I Know That

     History                                                     Geography                                                Basic Skills

     Careers                                                    GeoNet                                                     Time For Kids



      I Know That                                             ToonUniversity                                         Kids Science

     Science Stuff                                            Health                                                       Kidport

     Webonauts                                                Cyberchase                                               Science Games

     Basic Science Skills                                    Animals                                                     Labeling Parts