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Mrs. Torra's Class


As a concerned parent, your child’s education is a priority.

This site is intended as another way for you to communicate with your child’s teacher and visa versa. It is also yet another way for you to know what is going on.

FCAT stands for Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. It is part of Florida’s overall plan to increase student achievement by implementing higher standards. The FCAT is given in Grades 3-11; it measures specific benchmarks in mathematics, reading, science, and writing from the Sunshine State Standards (SSS).

Have your child read daily. You can help by asking them similar FCAT like questions utilizing their FCAT Task Card about what he/she has read. Remember to encourage them to use the text to answer it. During the FCAT & other exams which test comprehension, your child will be permitted to do so. Help them get accustom to reading up to an hour at a time. Thanks for your continuing support! I look forward to hearing from you.




Get 2 Months for $5!