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Welcome to my webpage and welcome to the fifth grade.  This year is a busy, skill-packed year.  In Language Arts you will be doing lots of fun reading, writing, and vocabulary activities.

Reading  You will be expected to earn AR points each nine weeks.  Earning AR points is a strong indicator of student success.  You will read books on your reading level and take AR tests on them in order to earn your points.  You are expected to read at least 30 minutes each night, Monday through Thursday, in your AR books.  After reading you need to complete your reading log and get a parent signature.  Each night you will also need to write 5 sentences on your reading in your journal.  You will need to use specific writing strategies for this assignment.  AR points and tests count as two test grades each nine weeks.

1st Nine Weeks     10 points

2nd Nine Weeks    15 points

3rd Nine Weeks     20 points

4th Nine Weeks     25 points




Writing     This year you will have a Writing SOL Test.  Therefore, you will be writing many five paragraph essays.  For each essay, you will be required to have a graphic organizer, a rough draft, personal and peer editing, a teacher conference, and a final draft.  Most of your writing will be completed in class, but later in the year, some writing may need to be completed at home.


Vocabulary   Every week you will have vocabulary/spelling words.  The two programs that we use are Word Study and Nifty Thrifty Fifty.  During your Word Study weeks, you will be in a group based on your reading/spelling level.  During your seven NTF weeks, everyone in the class will work on prefix, suffix, and root word patterns and meanings.  You will have homework each night, and you will have a vocabulary quiz every Friday.




Grading Scale  

100  -  94     -   A

93    -  86     -   B

85    -  77     -   C

76    -   70    -   D

69 and below -  F


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