Mrs. U's Page




Hi! My name is Mrs. Ulick and I am the 8th grade homeroom teacher.  I temeach Science to 5th, 7th, and 8th grade.  I also teach Language Arts and Reading to 8th grade.  I am very excited every year to come up with new and interesting ways to help students learn the required material ~ this year is no different! 

My Family

I live in Washington with my husband Shane and my four children.  I have three daughters (Ashleigh, Rebekah, and Brooklyn) and one son (Austin).  I love animals and always seem to have a big heart when it comes to strays.  I have two cats (Riki and Tessy) and two dogs (Bailey and Holly).  I have tried having fish, but they seem to die rather quickly.  At one time my son had a hamster, but he kept getting out of the cage and one day we found him in the back of a dresser drawer and he was not moving (yuck!).  No more hamsters after that!

I have lived in Washington all of my life not far from where my house is now.  I have two brothers, one which lives very close, and one which lives in Atlanta, Georgia. 

My Education

I graduated Washington Community High School (a very long time ago) and then attended Illinois State University where I majored in Mass Communications and minored in English.  After a few years working in that field, I decided to stay home and raise my children.  During that time, I took a real interest in teaching children.  It was then I decided to return to college.  I graduated from Eureka College in 2006 with a degree in Elementary Education.

My Hobbies

Some of my favorite things to do are play softball, watch my children play sports, read, paint/remodel my house, write poetry, and write short stories.  I tend to drive my husband a little crazy because I am always trying to paint or remodel something in our house ~ which usually involves him having more work!

My Favorites

  • Color ~ orange
  • Food ~ Pizza
  • Book ~ Twilight Series
  • Movie ~ The Blind Side
  • TV Show ~ Project Runway
  • Holiday ~ Christmas
  • Season ~ Fall
  • MLB Team ~ The St. Louis Cardinals
  • NFL Team ~ Dallas Cowboys
  • Game ~ Spades
  • Animal ~ Horse
  • Subject in School ~ Language/Reading
  • Dessert ~ Apple Pie

I hope you all have a great 2009~2010!