Mrs. U's Classroom

Mrs. Ulick's Classroom

Be Ready

  • Make sure you are prepared for class (bring book, notebook, folder, writing utensil) at all times
  • Enter room quietly and sit in assigned seat
  • Read AR book while awaiting teacher instruction

Be Responsible

  • Complete assigned homework when it is due
  • Study hard for tests and ask for help when it is needed
  • Stay on Task
  • Follow all schoolwide rules (no gum, purses, watch the dresscode, etc.)
  • Do not throw things/horseplay in the science lab
  • Follow all lab safety rules

Be Respectful

  • Do not talk when the teacher or other students are talking
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Raise your hand to ask/answer a question
  • Do not leave your seat while the teacher or others are talking

I am here to help your child succeed.  If you ever have a question, please feel free to ask.  You may contact me at the school at 694-1409 ext. 238.  Or you can reach me via email at the link below.

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