What do I need to bring?

(and what should stay at home) 


School Supplies

PencilsCrayonsColored PencilsMarkersSet of watercolorsLarge eraserLarge box of tissuesWide-ruled spiral notebooks-6One ream of filler paperGood scissorsRuler marked in inches and centimetersGlue or glue sticksPocket folders-twoGym shoes with non-marking solesCalculator –not miniBox of quart size Ziploc bagsMoney TFK and assignment notebooks ($8.50 total made out to Minnehaha)Please replace supplies throughout the school year as needed.  It is your responsibility to tell your family of your needs.
Not Needed Items
Please do not bring electronic media devices into the classroom.  This would include MP3 players, Ipods, cell phones, cameras (unless being used for an assignment), CD players, video game players, etc.  If you need to have any of these items for your before/after school time, you need to have them in your locker during the school day.  These items are currently not used in the classroom and can create a variety of problems that interrupt student learning if used in the classroom.  Violation of this rule will result in having the item taken from you by me.  I will require a phone call, letter, or visit by a parent in order to get the item back. 
Food, Candy, and Drinks
Food items brought to school must remain in the locker until after school unless the student is bringing a lunch from home.  Food items would also include gum, candy, pop, juice, sport drinks, energy drinks, snacks, etc. Students are not allowed to have food items in the classroom during the school day (unless there is an approved classroom activity that allows it).  Students may not have open beverage containers in their locker.  I will have the item removed by the student if it is discovered.   Locker checks will be periodically done to ensure a clean, neat space.