Meet Mrs. Vertin

Hi! I am Mrs. Vertin and I am so happy to be your art teacher! Do you know how long I've been teaching? 15 years! Wow! That's a long time! But I used to be a kid just like you!

I grew up in Michigan just like you but not in a big city. I grew up in Howell, Michigan, and even lived in the country on a farm. I had a pony and a horse and my bus ride was so long. One winter, we were snowed in for a week because the buses couldn't get down the road! That seems so long ago but I remember my friends and having fun at school. My teachers helped me do my best and I hope I do that for you, too.

But how do you become a teacher? After you graduate from high school, you go to a college or university and learn how.

I went to Hillsdale College and wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. I took many different classes. Art was one of my favorites. I took a class as a teacher assistant in the college's preschool and that changed my life. I realized I loved working with children and I couldn't believe I could get paid for doing something I love. That's how I decided to become a teacher of young children.

After college, I moved to Chicago, Illinois, with some of my friends. We lived in a big apartment building and I used to take the elevated train to my first job. I was an assistant teacher in a kindergarten classroom. I loved it! Those kids I taught are grown up now! Chicago was a fun city to live in but I really missed Michigan and my family. I moved back to Michigan and started teaching in Westland, Michigan.

Do you know how many schools I've taught at in Westland? I've taught at seven elementary schools: Elliott, Hamilton, PD Graham, Edison, Lincoln, Hicks and Patchin. This is my second year at Patchin Elementary School. I have taught art, media and Kindergarten.

Besides being a teacher, I am a mother. On Thursdays and Fridays, I am "Mrs. Vertin" to you but the rest of the days I am "Mom" to my two sons, Sam (6 years) and Ben (3 years). You hear me talk about them often and if you ever meet them, you'll know why. They're great!  Mr. Vertin and I have been married almost nine years and we really enjoy being parents. We also enjoy travelling, especially to Northern Michigan. Our family trips to Ludington, Michigan, have become a tradition and we look forward to them every summer.

I am looking forward to a new year of fun and getting messy in the art room. Bring your smile and imagination and we'll have a great time!

Mrs. Vertin