Classroom Policies

School Policies can be found in our Highland School Parent/Student Handbook that will be coming home soon. Below are some specific classroom policies.

Daily Take Home Folders-

This folder comes home every day and is our communication link daily. Please look inside to see what your child has brought home and what needs to come back to school. This is where your child's ABC chart will be located. 


I write a weekly Newsletter to keep you informed about things going on in our classroom and our school. This Newsletter will be inside your child's Red Take Home Folder as well as posted on this site.

Red Take Home Folders-

This folder will be sent home every Monday. Please look over the information inside, sign the back and return it to school the following day. This folder contains classroom information as well as school information.

Behavior Policy-

This year priority will be placed on teaching your child to solve problems, brainstorm solutions, and evaluate plans. One of the most valuable things I can teach your child is to evaluate his/her attitude, behavior, and teamwork. 

“The ABC’s of My Day” will let us work together to help your child reach this goal.A is for Attitude (Always tries to do his/her best and has a positive outlook for the day.)B is for Behavior (Follows our rules. Participates in class activities in a positive way.) C is for Community (Helps others and is a team player.)  Each day your child will complete his/her chart according to how he/she believes he/she performed that day. Your child will be using the color coding outlined on the bottom of the chart. I will be checking the chart daily to determine whether your child’s evaluation matches my own.  At times, we will not agree on a certain evaluation. I may ask your child to reevaluate and make a change but will not insist that your child change it for me. Instead, if your child believes he/she deserved one color and I believe it should be a different color, I will mark the chart with a “DA” (don’t agree). If you see that on the front of the chart, you should flip the chart over to view my comments. You will also notice the work STRIKE on your child’s chart. If your child has been given 3 warnings that day about a certain behavior your child will earn a STRIKE. If he/she earns 3 STRIKES during the week your child will not be able to participate in our Fun Friday Activities. Your child and I will be completing this chart daily. I ask you to sign your child’s chart at the end of each week. If you wish, you may also make comments on the back. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you to instill responsibility in your child, to ensure a happy and safe learning environment.

Birthday Policy-

Unless there is an invitation for each child in the class, I will not distribute these for you. This will help alleviate hard feelings.

Please notify me a day in advance if you plan to send in a special treat for your child's birthday so I can set aside time for us to celebrate. As per school policy all treats must be store bought. To cut down on messes and problems I ask that you send in prepackaged items.