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Homework Policies/ Homework Stars 

~MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK~ My dog ate my homework. That mischievous pup got hold of my homework and gobbled it up. My dog ate my homework. It's gonna be late. I guess that the teacher will just have to wait. My dog ate my homework. He swallowed it whole. I shouldn't have mixed it with food in his bowl. --Kenn Nesbitt ******
This WILL NOT work with Mrs. Victor!! Do your homework

Homework is very important to every child's success in school. When they do not complete (to the best of their ability) their homework, it is reflected in their classwork. Conversely a child's grades and understanding do improve when they complete their homework. Homework is a time for your child to review and reinforce concepts learned that day in class. Studying at home helps the student to develop good self-discipline and good work/study habits. It encourages independence and responsibility. It should not be viewed as a punishment, but rather another tool to help your child do their very best in school. It is their responsibility to bring home the appropriate materials in order to complete their assignments, as well as return them the next day.
I know that everyone's lives are very busy, but I need your help in ensuring that your child completes their work every day. Unfortunately that may mean that they will not be working in a nice quiet place in your home, but in the car between practices. Too many times students come into class saying "I didn't have time to do my homework." Think about what message we are sending our children if we don't make sure that they meet all of their responsibilities to be the best at their "job" of being a student. If at all possible, please take a few moments to review your child's work before it is returned to school. Please help me to ensure that your child completes their homework in a timely and caring manner.
Students write their homework assignments for the week in their agenda books every Monday morning. If you do not see a star on the top of the left page in their agenda, then it has not been checked by me, and some assignments may be missing. Homework is always due the next day unless noted in the agenda. Homework will be graded randomly and 5 points will be taken off for each late assignment. All missing homework is logged into my grade book by subject, and missing more than 3 assignments in any subject will cause a reduction of the report card grade by 5 points. Missing homework can also result in a "3" in homework study skills, and in a student being unable to receive an Honor Roll certificate. The Reading Log which is to be turned in every Monday (signed daily by a parent), will also count as a homework grade.
I will not give homework on weekends unless there was a long term project assigned which can be worked on over the weekend. However every Friday your child will be bringing home their Friday Folder and binder. In their folder will be all completed and graded work for the week. Please spend time reviewing this work with your students. Remember to praise the good grades and not just focus on the ones that are not up to par. This is a time to review concepts that they had difficulty with, and discuss what they are learning in school. Please sign all "D & F" papers and the inside comment sheet in the Friday Folder. All papers are to be filed (student & parent working together) in their proper sections in their binder (except the "D & F" papers - leave them in the folder for me to see), and the completed binder is due back on Monday. The completed binder does count as homework. If you feel the need to keep the binder an extra day, please let me know, otherwise I will assume your child did not complete their binder.


Homework STARS-

100% Homework Club is a program designed to recognize students that go above and beyond, making an extraordinary effort to turn in ALL homework assignments on time and on a regular basis.

Each marking period, I will recognize these awesome students with a certificate, and we will all have lunch together.

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