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Dear Parents,
   I hope that you find my website helpful to you, and in turn your student. I am excited about having the opportunity to spend the school year educating and getting to know your child. Third grade is an exciting and important year in your child's education. You can assist your child in their development this year by encouraging them to be more responsible for their schoolwork both at home and in the classroom. Too often they say "my mother didn't give me my homework, or my dad didn't give me my lunch".  In our very busy households they can learn to be independent enough to make sure that they have what they need for school. There is a wonderful feeling of pride for a child to show their parents how responsible they can really be!


   Make a list for them to check that they:

*eat a healthy breakfast
*have completed their homework (and return it to class)
*bring a healthy snack
*bring  lunch or lunch money
*bring a sweater (it gets cold in our room)
*bring glasses if needed for school
*bring any necessary materials 


  Often the students do not give me your notes or forget to show me their agenda books. A direct line of  communication between us will ensure my being able to respond to you in a timely manner. I check my e-mail several times a day and will make every attempt to respond to you the day that I receive your communication. In case of an emergency please contact the school office at 754-323-5600 and they will reach me.
Please e-mail me at either-   cathy.victor @browardschools.com, or through the link on my Home page on this website. 


    At "Meet and Greet" you received  papers to register for Remind 101 and Bloomz. They are wonderful ways for me to send out reminders and new information directly to your cellphone, and for you to sign up for conferences and class celebrations. "Website Updates" will only be for announcements, tests & projects, spelling lists and calendar. I highly recommend you sign up so you do not miss any important updates about your child's activities.


   Whenever possible please let me know  (in writing at least 2 days in advance) that your child will be missing school or has a Dr.'s appointment, so that I can try to get the work that they will be missing to you to avoid them falling behind. Upon returning to school, all students must have a note signed by a parent or an e-mail sent to me (unless I have been previously notified). All absences without a note are considered unexcused, and will be on the student's permanent attendance  record. Students are given 2 days to make up any missed classwork.
   School begins promptly at 8:00. Any student entering the classroom after that time is considered tardy. It is very disruptive to the other students and has your child starting their day behind if they are not already in their seat and ready to learn when the second bell rings at 8:00. Please make every attempt to have your child at school no later that the first bell at 7:55 to ensure a smooth start to the day.


   Please send in a healthy snack with your child each day. I encourage them to have fruits, vegetables & cheese... They need "brain" food which will sustain them until lunchtime. Please do not send candy or soda.


   We are happy to celebrate birthdays, but please keep it simple. Do not bring in goodie bags or balloons. You may bring in cupcakes or cookies which are store bought. Please do not bring in cupcakes with mounds of icing as this does not reinforce good eating habits. Please feel free to join your child in their celebration during our scheduled lunchtime in the cafeteria.


On line Textbooks-


Our Reading, Math and Science textbooks are available on line!


*You will need your child's Student Number to access the on line textbooks. I have written each child's student number on the first page of their agenda book.

*To access the on line textbooks go to SINGLE SIGN ON

*You have now accessed the Student Portal.  Enter your child's Student Number and use their birth date as their password (MM/DD/YYYY) - include slashes in the password.

*Next under the K-5 selection, you will need to select which textbook you would like to access. The following are the names of the textbooks we currently use:

  • Reading - Journeys Common Core
  • Math - Florida Go Math 
  • Science- Stemscopes  (accessed on CLEVER page)
*Once you have selected a textbook, you will then need to select your child's current grade level.


*Each textbook not only includes the student edition, but they also include addition resources you can use at home to help enrich your child's education. You will just need to navigate to the resource you would like to access by clicking on the links. Happy exploring!



   If you would like to join us either in the classroom or on a field trip you must register prior to doing so. You are required to re-register every school year. Please go on line to -          www.getinvolvedineducation.com





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