A Peek at The Week

What We ArE Learning This Week

Week of January 22- Reading

  • Novel Study - We started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Hopefully your students have told you all about our novel and the amazing things we are reading! Stay tuned for pictures and more on our ClassDojo page!
  • Characterization - We will be analyzing the thoughts, actions, and feelings of characters in our story in order to compare them.
  • Point of View - We will be comparing various points of view within a story, and evaluating how the point of view of the story affects the description of events.
  • Context Clues - We will be identifying the meaning of unknown words by analyzing the sentences around the unknown word.
  • Plot - We will be analyzing the events within a story to determine how they work together to form the plot. We will also be comparing various events in the story.

Week of January 22- Social Studies

  • Spanish-American War - Students will be reading their Week 20 weekly newspapers pertaining to the Spanish-American War.


This Week's  Test Review Homework

For the second semester, we will not be writing letters for homework any longer. Students will receive a reading passage!

Reading Passage for the week: Operation Robot Rescue

Monday: Read the passage. Question 1

Tuesday: Read the passage. Question 2

Wednesday: Read the passage. Question 3

Thursday: Read the passage. Question 4, Part A and B

This Week's Newsletter

What we are Learning

Math: Adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals

Reading: Analyzing and comparing characters, settings, and events, textual evidence, context clues, and point of view

Science: Forces that change the land (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)

Social Studies: American Gains Power Overseas



Upcoming Events

01/23 - Science Weekly Newspaper Quiz (students will receive the next Science weekly newspaper)

01/23 - Graded Papers Go Home

01/24 - Unity Day

01/24 - Grizzles vs. Spurs event (Basketball/Cheer)

01/25 - S.S. Weekly Newspaper Quiz (Students will receive the next S.S. Weekly newspaper)

01/26 - Snack Day

01/26 - House Meeting @2:45PM

01/30 - FULL SCHOOL DAY (No longer a half day)



Important Reminders

  1. There are no longer weekly Math fluency tests or Reading Letter Writing assignments. Students are now receiving homework assignments in order to prepare for state testing. Homework is due on Fridays each week unless otherwise noted.
  2. Don’t forget to check your child’s folder every night. Every Tuesday, your child’s important papers will come home.