Homework Policy

What We Believe About Homework

     We firmly believe that play is a powerful part of a child's development, and that imagination and creativity are also important. Further, research does not indicate significant benefits of homework at the elementary level.

We believe that when students give us the majority of their day, they deserve to have the majority of their night.

     Therefore, we have eliminated most of our standing homework assignments. Eat dinner as a family. Ask your child about his or her day. Read a good book with your child. Enjoy your child's extracurricular activities without worrying about homework. Know that your child is working hard each day at school. We believe that with our high expectations and the continual effort that your child will be investing each day, your child has earned evening play time. Therefore, we have made every effort to keep your child's nightly homework to the minimum.

Reading/Language Arts Weekly Assignment

     In order to prepare for middle school, state testing, and to achieve our high expectations, students will be given a reading passage with questions each week. Students should read the passage every night. Each question will be marked to indicate which day it should be completed. However, this is only a guideline. Hmework will be reviewed each day, but it will only be taken up on Fridays, unless otherwise noted. Students may double up or work ahead if they so choose.

How Is It Scored?

Your child's homework is not scored upon whether or not it is "correct." Students should complete their homework in pencil, and each day we will correct it in colored ink. If students complete these steps, they will receive a perfect score for their homework.