STEM Fridays

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


When Do the Students Engage in STEM Activities?

STEM is often incorporated through daily learning in Science and Math. However, our most challenging STEM activities occur on STEM Fridays.


What is STEM Friday?

STEM Friday happens every other Friday during the afternoon. Students will be assigned a task, challenge, or mission. They will be provided with materials and asked to complete the challenge.  These tasks require critical thinking, problem solving, discussion and collaboration, and the ability to adapt and adjust. Through STEM Fridays, students will be creating new things, improving upon old things, and solving real world problems.


What Is Expected of Students during STEM Friday?

  • Be here and engaged in the task.
  • Work cooperatively
  • Disagree respectfully
  • Think deeply
  • Be willing to adjust, adapt, or change their work as the task proceeds
  • Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Reflect on their tasks through discussion and writing
  • Defend and justify their ideas and designs
  • Speak with poise and leadership when presenting their STEM solutions