English 3: American Literature

Week of April 5-8

Vocabulary Words: broach, cajole, lithe, loquacious, reciprocal

 We will be working on the start of a research project that will carry us through the end of the year.  Also, you should be prepared for your Literature Circle Meeting 2 this week.


1. "Burning Interest" starting work

2. New-Historicism/Slaughterhouse-Five group activity

Homework: vocabulary sentences and be ready for literature circle meeting 2



1. Share vocabulary sentences

2. Literature Circles Meeting 2

Homework: Vocabulary Tracks



1. Share vocabulary speeches

2. Archetypal/Slaughterhouse-Five group activity

Homework: study for vocabulary quiz



1. Vocabulary Quiz

2. Formalism/Slaughterhouse-Five group activity

Homework: be prepared for Literature Circles Meeting Three next week; "Burning Interest" beginning work due Monday



Tuesday, April 13: Slaughterhouse-Five Test/Essay (your choice)

Thursday, April 15: Literature Circles Meeting 3

Wednesday, April 21: Literature Circles Meeting 4

The week of May 10-13: Research Paper Presentations