Math 8: The curriculum for the 8th grade follows the Common Core State Standards. The content of this course is designed as an introduction to Algebra I.

Science 8: In this year the focus is on Earth Science. The students explore the different branches of Earth Science including geology, oceanography, astronomy, meteorology, and environmental science.

Social Studies 8: The students study the development of America from the Civil War to Civil Rights. They examine the choices and the character that shaped America and made us the country we are today.

Religion 8: The 8th grade students are joined by the 7th grade students for the study of religion. We follow an alternating curriculum between the 8th grade and the 7th grade courses. This year, the students are following the 7th grade curriculum and are studying the Life of Jesus and his affect on our lives and on the world. Within the curriculum, the students are called to service in the name of the Lord.