Mrs. West-Turner's Class Page

smileyHomework: Each student is give a student planner and is responsible for writing down all homework for each day, including any special dates, upcoming tests and events, projects, and more. Each student is responsible for maintaining this planner and having a parent sign each night. Parents should check that the student has completed all homework and assignments. If the student is absent, please see the absent folder for your missed work and check with your homework buddy for any missed notes, work, or special information. Parents should email their teacher if they have further questions or concerns or call the office and leave a message.


Daily Homework should be expected and normally includes Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, and Science. Social Studies may be assigned during the week. The student should be prepared for a weekly quiz in all subjects. These dates should be noted by the student in their planner. Missing homework will affect the student's grade average in the subject that they miss. Late assignments may be accepted depending on the circumstances. This should be a written note from the parent explaining why the homework was missed and make up should be turned in the next day for credit. This should not be a weekly occurence as students are responsible for maintainingwink their student planner and completing all work.