Behavior Plans

yesBehavior Plans:

Students are expected to behave in a positive and respectful way to all others in the school. There is a zero tolerance for bullying, including name calling, pushing, taking others items, or threats. Students should be able to describe appropriate school and classroom behavior. If students have issues with their behavior, a note and student think sheet will be sent home. The parent should read, discuss the issue, and send any comments, and return the next day with their signature on this form. If the same issues continue to be an issue the parents will be notified and a meeting will be scheduled. We will try and accomodate most schedules, yet these meetings should take place before, during, or immediately after school. The parents will be asked to help with any suggestions that may help the student with the issues taking place. The teacher will offer any helpful suggestions they may have. An administrator may be present depending on the circumstances.