Welcome Back



Welcome back to school!  It is that time once again to pack up the swimsuits, dry out the beach towels and unpack those backpacks and get ready for another year of learning!  I want to take this time to welcome you back.  I am looking forward to this new year.  There are several things that are going to be not only new to you but new to me as well.  This year the State of Tennessee has implemented to new state science standards.  What this means is that many of the topics that have been taught in your grade are either no longer taught or may be taught now in a different grade level.  Science also has new textbooks so while you are learning about your new book, so am I!  In addition to these changes, this is my first year to be teaching all of the sixth grade science and spilting the eighth grade science, Instead of spiltting the sixth grade. It may take me and you alittle time to get used to these changes but I feel that with a little patience and time we will become a great team!

Again I am looking forward to this school year and can not wait to get started!