Teaching Resume and Statements

“One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people,” Dick Gregory. As an educator, I believe teaching should be motivated by far more than the common core, strategic planning, and being knowledgeable. It should also include a teacher’s professional dispositions, self- awareness, growth, and areas of improvement.   


                                                    Professional Disposition Statement  

I am a diverse teacher who believes in ethics and cultural appropriateness for all learners. I strive to provide learners with a safe, loving environment that will push them to be critical thinkers. I believe all students should be supported based on their individual needs. I love teaching, and in my experience, students are successful learners when they are engaged with a curriculum that excitingly relates to them. I will strive to bring learners meaningful learning in an animated way. Students will learn the tools needed to be an independent learner. I will not be the only teacher in the room; each student will add to the growth of all learners in our learning environment. Communication, diversity, compassion, and differentiation will be at our threshold.  


                                                         Self-Assessment Reflection 

As I reflect on my rankings on the disposition assessment. I notice that I am adhering to the dispositions I hold dear and growing in the areas I struggle with. I strive to engage all learners. I value a student’s culture, social justice, wearing professional clothing, being punctual, and being a nurturing teacher who provides them a safe learning environment. I am punctual, and I stay until the teacher leaves. I also try and support other staff. I show and give love and welcome them.                                       

                                                     Examples of Growth  

I am learning Spanish to serve the needs of all learners in the classroom better. I have planned more engaging science and math to help with diverse learners. I have now become an inquiry-based learner. I am not afraid to ask my cooperating teacher questions to improve my teaching style. I now start our morning activities independently.  

                                                          Steps for Improvement   

I am vigorously searching for an area of improvement in my network friends and colleagues. I ask them what I am doing well. I rehearse my lessons and play my strategies with them to find where a disconnect can be and how to fix it. To be a better teacher and leader, I have to model leadership qualities so my scholar will. I have to take the reins in the classroom and promote professionalism in my teaching.     

Without professional dispositions, a teacher’s classroom foundation can give way. The professionalism she shows her students in her dispositions is the glue that will allow for the growth mindset and higher thinking of her learners. In my classroom, we will all play a role in providing a soaring level of support to our class. We will use our strengths to support while strengthening the weaknesses we have not yet mastered.   

















Tiffany Wickliffe

12550 Willow Tree Avenue

Moreno Valley, California 




Moreno Valley, California  — Substitute Teacher

April  2006 - PRESENT


Grand Canyon University, Online - Masters  Elementary Education

October 2019

California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, California — Bachelor’s in Human Resources

June 2005 

Compton Community College, Compton, California — Associates in Arts, Associates in Science

June 2002-2003


Teen Mothers’ Community Mentor - 3 years

Motivational Speaker building self-efficacy.

Guides Students.

Organizes fundraiser campaigns.

Dedicates time to struggling moms.

Committed to supporting students yearly.

Black History Month Coordinator — 10 years

Responsible for working with students before and after school.

Fundraiser campaigns.

Checks in monthly for focus groups and brainstorming.

Volunteers times.

Plans organize and funds students’ activities.

Build bridges with staff and other stakeholders to support scholars.



  • Plans lessons and extension activities.

  • Does Formal and informal assessments.

  • Uses collective efficacy

  • Mentors scholars working one on one.

  • Adaptability and flexible adding engaging instruction.

  • Provides opportunities for parent Involvement.

  • Creates ways to make learning meaningful.

  • Teaches from the heart to build lifetime bridges with learners.

  • provides learners with ways to use real-world thinking.

  • Follows learning environments routines and procedures.

  • Maintains privacy and culturally responsive teaching.



Volunteer Tea  Award 2017-19






November 11, 2019


To Whom It May Concern;



My name is Dr. Peter Luddington. I have worked in the Moreno Valley Unified School District for the past twenty-four years. Currently, I teach transitional kindergarten and serve as an Administrative Designee for my school site. I am also an Associate Professor at Mt. San Jacinto Community College. I highly recommend Tiffany Wickliffe for a teaching position in your school district.  

I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany for the past eight years. She is the only substitute teacher I trust with my students. I am not the only person at my site who shares this admiration for Mrs. Wickliffe. Often times multiple teachers compete to have her as their substitute. This reflects Tiffany’s unique dedication to her craft and the students. She is extremely well organized, professional and a creative substitute teacher.  Ms. Wickliffe is able to follow all types of lesson plans and differentiate the curriculum to meet individual student’s needs. Tiffany understands the stages of learning and growth of students at different grade levels. She regularly goes above and beyond the duties of a substitute teacher by speaking with parents, creating projects beyond the lesson plans that I leave and participating in staff events. On many occasions, I have returned to my class after Tiffany has served as my substitute only to discover that she has worked with my students to create elaborate and exciting art lessons that help foster a deeper connection with the academic subject material.

Tiffany exhibits a great understanding of the standards and district curriculum.  She is able to analyze student data and create an innovative plan to meet the individual needs of each student to help them achieve the knowledge needed for higher testing scores on their next assessment.   She has a good rapport with students, parents, and staff. She has strong classroom management skills that incorporate positive behavior response and social skill-based lessons to help students succeed both socially and academically. Tiffany has the ability to step in and handle various situations within a moment's notice. This flexibility will help her excel as a teacher in your district. I recommend her without reservation. If you need any further information, I will be happy to speak with you directly. I have included my contact information below.




Dr. Peter Luddington

Ramona Elementary