English 12

"I have something to say to the world, and I have taken English 12 in order to say it well." W.E.B Dubois

English 12 is a survey of British Literature.  It really is amazing how our culture is still shaped by life across the pond.  Our study begins at the beginning (the first Epic Poem in the English language) and ends with the British author who created Middle Earth. 


(One piece of advice:  Please don't watch the 2007 movie until after you've studied the poem... I know it's everywhere now, but it will help your appreciation of the poem (and your grade) if you don't have the movie on the brain.)  

Canterbury Tales


Pardoner's Tale

Wife of Bath's Tale (love her!!)


Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

English 12 Final (yes, I actually let you access this ahead of time!)